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additions (2)Given that the assertion and implementation of human rights, UN operates at the level of senior political and cultural world, the CO.S.INT., intend to support their efforts trying to increase awareness of the rights to the people directly affecting individuals. The Association has only the following “purposes and objectives”: social assistance and social. care; charity to needy or disadvantaged people;. fostering solidarity. between peoples and individuals, and the full realization of fundamental human rights, drawing on the principles enshrined by the UN; satisfaction of. basic needs first and foremost, protection of human life, work, and the family, as a first and essential core of the company, food self-sufficiency, development of human resources; conservation of the environment, and protection and. exploitation of nature and environment, and, implementation and consolidation of the processes of endogenous development and economic growth, social and cultural development of developing countries with the drafting and implementation of projects for the conservation of biodiversity and those relating to the principles of the Kyoto Protocol and / or subsequent international agreements; promotion of culture, including training of personnel through the. implementation of specific interventions aimed at the establishment in developing countries with appropriate facilities to improve and protect the status of women and children in the areas of family and work, where possible, with the direct participation of the countries themselves; implementation. of health, medicine and appropriate technology for development in the areas, medical and health, gender, agricultural and food industries.


“Health” is understood in the broad sense includes not only the absence of disease, but the balance of the mind that the program of CO.S.INT. there is the careful supervision of all that can be harmful to the health sector by the commonly understood as environmental and industrial hygiene, from ecology, where possible in cooperation with the institutions or referring to them asking where the if it requires action by the competent authorities; contribute by all means,. such as print, television, radio, economic publications, conferences etc. disclosure popular, especially among young people, human rights proclaimed in the Universal Declaration of the United Nations December 15 1948 in New York, because everyone has knowledge and can expect to implement integrated so smoothly into the mechanism of life democratically organized, which is the only one that can guarantee equality, justice, freedom and prosperity; support. full equality of women and of facilitating their inclusion at all levels in all activities, including policy, not to deprive the company of its indispensable contribution to intelligence, balance, creativity and sensitivity; defend. freedom as a prerequisite to the dignity of individuals and harmony and full development of personality, respecting the feelings and ideas of others, all religions and all political ideologies; cultivate the culture of world. peace and respect for life, rejecting war as a solution of international disputes and violence in any form, by replacing, again, contrast, dialogue and confrontation; promote centers and training and guidance in the various. professions, the foundation of schools, faculties and colleges with private donations for scholarships, and promote the protection and development of religious values, moral and social conduct training both individual and collective and human personality; compete at the request of the Authority. and in compliance with law, maintain order and public security, and work with the Civil Defense in the case of public calamity; perform all other. activities and / or services for which it is required intervention by the Italian, the other states in which the Foreign CO.S.INT. and are represented by International Organizations of States; relationships with states and institutions in order to make partnerships with states, institutions, companies and foreign enterprises.
additions (3)The association, for the pursuit and attainment of the goals and objectives listed above, can perform the following activities: establish cooperative relations with all the institutions in. Italy and abroad, and even companies with associations, consortia, cooperatives, organizations, institutions, enterprises, universities and research institutes; adopt memoranda of understanding with other organizations and humanitarian. organizations, national and international governmental and nongovernmental organizations, which have similar objectives to those of CO.S.INT., In particular, and specifically the Association may, for achieving the goals above, enter into agreements and conventions and / or create and / or instrumental part in society, organizations, commissions, institutions of international, national, regional, municipal and local regulations; play any other activity related. and similar to the above goals, and make all the documents and conclude all the transactions relating to property, securities, industrial and financial assistance necessary or useful to the achievement of social objectives and, either directly or indirectly related to them; carry out more studies,. design, supply and construction of facilities, infrastructure, equipment and services, implementation of development projects and integrated implementation of initiatives including financial, to enable the achievement of the purposes referred to in this Statute; organization and promotion of education. programs for development, including in education where this is lacking and initiatives intensification of cultural exchanges between the developed countries and developing countries, through stays stage summer and winter; . selection, training and use of voluntary civilian service for purposes of social solidarity; submission of proposals to public and private, by. participating actively in the decentralized forms of public administration for proper planning of initiatives to achieve the purposes of the Association; organize, manage and implement special measures to deal with cases of disasters and situations of malnutrition and shortages of hygiene – health care that threaten the survival of populations; do, in compliance with existing. rules, all the operations necessary, useful or related to the social purposes, will, among other things, organize collections of public funds, mutual funds and recruit, receive and provide guarantees, performance bonds and other guarantees even real, for the benefit of the partners or third parties and take interests and holdings in associations, organizations, consortia or other companies or companies with similar purpose and similar or in any way connected to their own. promote, organize and participate in conferences, exhibitions and fairs in. order to pursue with its corporate purpose; publish journals, periodicals. and materials relating to health issues, environmental issues and volunteer work related to its social purposes, can still manage radio and television; . implement training, including in the accreditation system on issues covered by the association; implement for all members with a mutual fund for a. pension, medical care integrating a national,  insurance discounts and business operations of the associates, and so on.


Make the collection and disposal. of waste in a regular and occasional basis if it deems appropriate and / or the need to comply with its terms; conduct biological and environmental. certification; have the management of library science-related subjects. them purpose social; have the direct management of shops,. agencies, hostels, refuges, refreshment points, and anything else necessary to 1’agriturismo, rural tourism, mountain tourism and environmental tourism in general, for use by its members and of members of other social organizations with similar purposes; businesses to encourage job creation; undertake development projects, related to its social purpose, in order to. obtain the benefits and contributions provided under the Community, national, regional, provincial and municipal authorities for the development of youth and women and to obtain their funds.


All these activities may be exercised within the limits permitted by law, subject to obtaining any permits, licenses, concessions and anything else needed for their implementation.


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