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additions (4)Requirements and Type of Membership.

Can achieve the status of “Partner” every citizen, without distinction of age or social status, which shares the “purposes” association, which expressly so requests and who has provided the “oath”.

Admission to as “social” is also permitted in the manner described above, to all natural or legal persons, associations and institutions, which share the goals and associations that do not pursue objectives in conflict with them.

The quality of “member” is given a time limit, except in cases of withdrawal or exclusion under this statute, and is exercised in accordance with the rules of the Staff Regulations and associative.

Members are classified according to the following qualifications:

1) founders: the contractors of the memorandum and those that will be later co-opted by those of the founding members, they are entitled to vote;

2) honorary members: those that the board of directors unanimously believe these will, as distinguished in the pursuit of objectives similar to those of the association, they can not take positions, they are not entitled to vote;

3) supporting those who, declaring that they share the goals of CO.S.INT. And not being able to collaborate actively, making payments in cash and / or in kind to the endowment fund of deemed particularly relevant by the Board of Directors or provide significant benefits to the other, they are not entitled to vote;

4) ordinary members: those who adhere to the specific question addressed by the President, and undertake to pay the fee established annually by the Executive Council, they, if in good standing with the payment of annual fees, are entitled to vote;

5) young volunteers for peace: Boys and girls who have not completed 18 years of age, they are not entitled to vote.


All members have an obligation to contribute to the achievement of the objectives of the organization and perform in the manner and within the agreed time, their work in a personal, spontaneous and free, and are not entitled to any compensation paid for the work, unless reimbursement of expenses as approved in advance by their Commanders, to the extent determined by them or by law. The potential member must be given copy of the Statute. II associative relationship is regulated in a uniform way, as all members have the same rights and obligations.

Access to as “Partner” is open to every citizen, without distinction of age or social conditions, and any of the legal person, association or institution, which shares the purposes associative, and which expressly so requests, by submitting the application, made on special forms, addressed to the Commandant General, who must bear the expressed declaration of “unconditionally share the aims of the association”.

The Commandant General, seeking the opinions of the CAI, sull’accoglimento decide the application for admission within 30 days from receipt thereof. In case of rejection of the application, the decision will be communicated to, without any obligation to explain the reasons for the refusal. In case of uncertainty and / or special needs inquiry, the procedure for admission can be suspended, el’accoglimento the application subject to any additional investigations and / or presentation of certain documents or certificates.

After thirty days from the date of application for registration in the absence of communications, the same shall be considered as accepted.

The new members are considered “aspiring members” and may, within six months from the date of acceptance of application for registration, access to as a “member” as a result of providing the “oath” and the inclusion in the book of shareholders. ”

Subscribers which is entrusted with a mandate associations, acquire the status of “member” with immediate effect and subject to the requirement of providing the oath within the period indicated above. Subscribers who do not provide, within six months from the date of acceptance of application for registration, to the attainment of membership owner, may be deprived by order of the Commander General and erased from the register members.

The number of members is unlimited. All members have equal rights and equal treatment. Those who do not have the legal age must submit application signed by parents or by his representative. In special cases, however, (disadvantaged, unemployed, students, etc..) Commander General may waive the aspirant member of any payment.

When the application is filed by a legal person must be accompanied by the certified copy of the following documents:

• adherence to the resolution of CO.S.INT. adopted by responsible;

• memorandum and association;

• an indication of the person designated to represent it within the CO.S.INT.


When submitting the application to join the association must be made to pay the registration fee, which, in case of rejection of the application will be returned to the same provision. Can be associated to all individuals and companies that are meeting the requirements of organizational competence, medical, nursing, experience in care or school-educational, military, police or rescue technical expertise in volunteer and social environment and good reputation with appropriate moral and social requirements.

The CO.S.INT. Therefore, the method identifies associations and training of the car associated tools for the construction of a social system of Civil Defense in which everyone can be fully involved, starting from its actual needs and interests at any stage and especially those in the prevention, information, rescue, training and awareness.

Are not admitted as members those who have convictions for crimes reported, except that they have not been rehabilitated. When admitting the new member must pay the annual membership fee and, if requested, any charge for admission and will pronounce the formula of the oath by the presence of the Commander General or his delegate The act of admission should be recorded in the book of shareholders.

Additional requirements and procedures for admission to the special will be determined by rules adopted by the Board of Directors. Members will receive a card and / or a badge of recognition, as determined by this Statute and the Rules of Procedure.

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