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C.R.G. surveys needs of the next project in Puno

Children continue to die from the extreme cold in the region of Puno. The enormous rainfall caused a natural disaster which destroyed thousands of houses in the region, elevating the devastating effects of sub zero temperatures. C.R.G. foresees hundreds of infant deaths due to exposure to the elements in the coming months if provisions of aid are not met immediately.

C.R.G. in Cusco

Colonel Martin W. Bucher visit Cusco and meets with Econ and discusses the situation with Luis Arturo Florez Garcia, President of Cusco. The visits purpose was to coordinate several donations in Cusco in the months of April / May.


Our International Medical Corps immediately mobilized to meet the emergencies of the earthquake that struck Abruzzo. The earth shook the night of 6 April. Abruzzi suffered the devastation that destroyed about 50% of property and claimed 300+ lives and left over a thousand injured. The Commander General of CO.S.INT. Gen.C.d ‘A.on. Alessandro Della Posta orderedContinue reading “SEVERE EARTHQUAKE IN ABRUZZO”


Whilst most of the world’s media focused on the terrible scenes in Haiti, a much smaller but equally tragic weather-driven disaster unfolded in one of the most spectacular global tourism destinations in Peru. Torrential rains caused fatal mudslides and have closed the ancient ruins at Machu Picchu, and affected the nearby site at Aguas CalienteContinue reading “Remembering”