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Participation with INABIF

The R.C. Garibaldi  participated in the INABIF event and met with the First Lady and the Minister of Woman in Peru, who will work together to bring Christmas cheer and surprises to more than 1000 children at the national stadium this Friday. This Christmas event for the underprivileged children of Peru will include a chocolate beverage, panetone and presents for all the children, to help make it an unforgettable day.

R.C.G. with president of the region La Libertad

The Red Cross Garibaldi, together with the president of the region La Libertad, Ing. Jose Murgia Lannier, helped the poorest children in the region to receive aid in the form of high new high quality children’s clothing. The R.C.G. in cooperation with the region, drove for over 20 hours on a most difficult track in order to rich Pataz. From there, it took hours of walking toContinue reading “R.C.G. with president of the region La Libertad”

R.C.G. working with Chiki Mora

One great humanitarian  action after the other. Red Cross Garibaldi together with the Chiki Mora, the wife of the Minister of Defense in Peru, Daniel Mora, donated over 500 new and high quality children’s clothes. Local mothers commented that it was the first time they had ever received new clothing for their children.