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additions (6)The foundation of the Legion Garibaldina dates back to 7 May 1860 with the order of General Giuseppe Garibaldi Hero of Two Worlds and Knight of Humanity, Gold Medal for Military Valor, that order was confirmed in subsequent Salemi Decree dated 14 May 1860, with which the General took the Dictatorship of the Kingdom of Two Sicilies, he was also the architect of the reunification of Sicily and the Southern Nation and the Kingdom of Italy. The legion fought for the freedom of France with the campaigns of Garibaldian 1870-1871 and for the freedom of Greece in the subsequent campaign of 1897 and 1912 on the orders of General Ricciotti Garibaldi, place of his son.


Participated also to the orders of General Peppino Garibaldi, son of Ricciotti, the World War I Campaign Garibaldina of France (Aragonne 1914), battle fought in the north-east of France between Lorraine and Sciampagna, crossed the Meuse and covered with forests. Here the brothers died place of Garibaldi grandchildren rushed to the aid of France under the command of the Legion Garibaldina to fight the Germans, and also during the 1941-1943 war, forming the battalions of “Nice”, “County” and “Monaco” the orders of General Ezio Garibaldi.


Subsequently, the Command of the Legion Garibaldina reconstituted was taken up in the General Garibaldini: Goffredo Salvatore Fano, Ugo Biagioni Gazzoli and Giuliano Antonimi. On 29 November 1985 General Giuliano Antonimi, Commander of the “National Bodies Garibaldini and Honorary Commander of the Legion, the command sent to the General Division of Garibaldina Mr Prince Alliata of Montereale.


The new Commander met the survivors of the National cooptava that new members and decided after two successive votes, June 24 1986 and October 14 of that year, to give the Legion the legal status of “Free Cultural Association” by deed, without also surrender his image Association of Arma.


The “BODY HEALTH INTERNATIONAL”, in letters “CO.S.INT.” Are a direct offshoot of the historic and legendary LEGIONE GARIBALDINA which formed a Directorate General, the Directorate General of the Red Cross Garibaldino “, in letters” CRG ” , who represented the civilian version of the “Military Health Services of the Legion and enjoyed broad autonomy bodies since 28 June 1986.


On 20 January 1988, with formal authorization by the Commander-General pro tempore of the Legion, Mr John Prince of Alliata Montereale, General Division Garibaldina Mario Jovene, born in Naples on 16 February 1916, former Director General of the CRG, with articles of incorporation was registered at no 4847 dell’Archivio Notarial district of Rome, was the “HEALTH INTERNATIONAL BODIES Garibaldino” in letters “CO.SIG” with the same men the same purposes, the same oath, the same emblem and the flag.


additions (1)Subsequently, on 13 July 2001, with regular extraordinary meeting, the name was changed to “BODIES HEALTH INTERNATIONAL”, in letters “CO.S.INT.”, And was adopted a new charter, which was registered on 27 July 2001, the order to conform to the legal status of ONLUS (non-profit organization of social utility).


The Association, under the name “International Garibaldini Health Corps,” was entered, with the Decree of the President of Lazio Region No 994/90 of 14 May 1990, at Regional associations Volunteer Civil Defense. Later, under the name “International Sanitary Corps, the Association was registered with Dirigenziale Determination of the Lazio Region No D4242, 16 December 2003, in the Register of Regional Organizations Volunteer of Article 3 of the Regional Law 28 June 1993, n.29.



The Emblem of CO.S.INT. consists of an eagle with wings open Dorata laying between the legs Garibaldina handset. Dell’aquila between the body and feet is in overlapping crossed a red cross for the entire length of both arms by a clearly visible line golden, this not to be confused with the emblems of similar organizations. The eagle is surrounded, motivated by a crown of laurel, open on t
op at the head, and tied to the base by a red ribbon.


The emblem, wimage0021hen used on decorations and badges of the Currency, should apply on a red background.

The flag of the Institutional CO.S.INT. consists of a blue drape bearing the emblem in the center of the first paragraph of this article, surrounded a circular crown, written by gold “Sanitary Corps International – Forces of International Voluntary Aid and Peace.” For activities related to the operational area of the “health care emergency” implemented under the banner of the Red Cross Garibaldina may be using the flag consists of a red drape, bearing the emblem in the center of the first paragraph of this article or other specific logo approved by the Executive Council for this sector of activity surrounded a circular crown, gold written by “Red Cross Garibaldina – Forces of International Voluntary Aid and Peace.”


The emblem of “CO.S.INT.” Shall be included in Annex A to this Statute, which is an integral and substantial.


The Association can take employees entering into contracts in accordance with the applicable standards and assuring them against diseases, accidents and liability to third parties, or use the benefits of self-employment by using external collaborators, only to the extent necessary for its smooth operation, or satisfactory qualifying and the specialized activities.


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